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Current Book- Variables and Patterns - Unit 5. ACE Answers: VP Inv 1 VP Inv 2 VP Inv 3 VP Inv 4. Let's Be Rational - Unit 3. ACE Answers: LBR Inv. 1 LBR Inv. 2 LBR Inv. 3 LBR Inv. 4 · Math Background · Parent Letter Comparing Bits and Pieces - Unit 2. ACE Answers: CBP Inv. 1 CBP Inv. 2 CBP Inv. 3 CBP Inv. 4
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ACE Answers. Please use wisely. These are available to students/families to aid and assist, and not to replace homework. Also, note the book title. They are in order by book name, and not by unit number. ATN = Accentuate the Negative. BPW = Butterflies, Pinwheels, Wallpaper. CAS = Comparing and Scaling. ITS = It's in
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Answers | Investigation 2. Applications. 1. a. Accept any line that approximates the data. Here is one possibility: b. y = 8.5x – 2.5. Students might come up with a simpler model with a y-intercept of 0, such as y = 8 x. (because 0 thickness should suggest 0 breaking weight). c. Answers depend on the equation. Using the
Answers | Investigation 4. Applications. 1. a. Median height is 150.7 cm. Order the 10 heights from shortest to tallest. Since 10 is even, average the two middle numbers, 150.6 cm and. 150.8 cm. b. Median stride distance is 124.8 cm. Order the 10 stride distances from shortest to longest. Since 10 is even, average the two
each person is cutting ballots, each person would have 8 ballots, or 32 total. The reason why Chen's conjecture is incorrect is because each person is starting with their own piece of paper. His answer would be correct if after he cut his paper in half three times he handed his pile to the next person and they continued that
Answers will vary: Soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, base ball, and so on. 15. Graphs and statistics that can be used: (See Figure 1.) 16. a. While it is true that more men were saved than women, the fraction of men saved (20%) was less than the fraction of women saved (74%) b. False (about. 1. 4 of total women lost;.
Add 27 to each side of the equation to get 5x = 110, and then divide each side by 5. c. Answers will vary. Sample answer: If you add 6 to 9 times the mystery number, you get 87. The mystery number is 9. 12. a. x = –3 ... work effectively on ACE Exercise 12 also. Ask students to explain why the strategies will work or why they
Answers | Investigation 2. Applications. 1. 2. Possible answer: 3. Possible answer: By subdividing the square along its diagonals, you get four triangles, each with an area of. 1. 2 unit2. Therefore, the square has an area of 2 units2. Note: Ask students to draw the square above inside an upright square with an area of 4 units2

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